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Concurrent Enrollment

At Wheeler ISD we are privileged to work with Clarendon College to offer our students dual credit classes. In order to enroll in these courses, students must be juniors or seniors and must meet a standard score on the English II or Algebra I End of Course assessment or take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA 2.0) assessment.   

The TSIA 2.0 is comprised of two subject area tests: ELAR (Reading/Writing) & Math.  To see what test you will need in order to enroll in specific classes see Mrs. Shaw. 

At Wheeler, we offer up to 26 hours of dual credit that can be applied to colleges, universities, and technical schools throughout the state and into Oklahoma. Some of the classes will not transfer so you will need to check your degree plans to see if they would benefit you for your post-secondary plan. 

Course offerings include: Math 1314 (College Algebra), History 1301 & 1302, Government 2305, Biology 1406 & 1407, and English 1301 &1302.

Students are responsible for the payment of these courses.  The price for these classes ranges from $200- $600 per class.   

Please make sure you take this into consideration prior to enrolling in dual credit courses. 

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Shaw.


See the following link if you have any questions regarding information about Dual Credit with Clarendon College.


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