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Graduation Plans

Graduation Plans


With the implementation of HB 5, students will graduate with a high school Foundation Graduation Program.  Students must earn 22 credits to complete their graduation plan.  In addition to these state requirements, students at Wheeler ISD will be required to complete 4 additional credits: 1 credit World History, ½ credit Speech, ½ Health, and 2 additional electives.

In addition to the foundation program students are also given the opportunity to earn an endorsement in one of the following Career & Technical Education Programs: Business & Industry and Public Services.  Each of these programs has specific clusters in which students can enroll.  Determining which cluster students will be participating in is dependent on elective credits.  In order to obtain an endorsement within a specific cluster, students are required to take the following classes.  

Business & Industry

Animal Science                                                                                                    Design & Multimedia Arts

Principles of Agriculture & Natural Resources                                                            Principles of Arts, Audio Video Technology & Communications

Small Animal Management                                                                                         Video Game Design

Equine Science                                                                                                           Graphics I

Livestock Production                                                                                                   Graphics II

Advanced Animal Science


Public Services

Family & Community Services                                                                   Healthcare Therapeutic

Principles of Human Services                                                                                    Principles of Health Science

Human Growth & Development                                                                                 Medical Terminology

Child Development                                                                                                      Health Science Theory

Family & Community Services                                                                                     Practicum in Health Science


If you have any questions, contact Coach Bailey or Mrs. Shaw.